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I work with a variety of paper sizes, colour and weight, as well as different media  to suit both mood and invidual preferences.  These include:

  • Graphite (pencil)

  • Charcoal

  • Pastel


I offer my original work for sale, as well as the option to commission an original piece.  Pricing can be found here.

You can also see works in progress and finished work on my Instagram page, which I update regularly as I work.



Software Developer
Musical Theatre



I'm Rich Dlin, and I'm so glad you have decided to visit.

I've been a lot of things in my life, and I remain all of them. Throughout my growth I have always refused to accept a mold. When I was younger, and showed talent in mathematics, people assumed then that I couldn't - or maybe shouldn't - be artistic, or athletic, or ... well you name it.


I don't accept that, and never have. As I've grown older I have always pursued whatever new thing interested me, without feeling the need to sacrifice anything current. I am a husband and father (to my wife and two amazing kids), a mathematician (with a graduate degree in mathematics), a math professor, bodybuilder, musical theatre performer/director, poet, writer and artist. This site is a result of my passion for and love of creating art.


Although I am always working to expand my artistic horizons, I specialize in pencil portraits, and am always happy to work on private commissions. You can learn about the different things I have to offer here, or feel free to contact me on Instagram for something specific.


Thanks again for visiting my site. I'm so glad you did!

Rich Dlin
Commision an Original
Gallery of Work
About the Artist




"Quirkiness Captured!  I am so impressed by Rich's talent. He took a picture of me performing and completely captured the essence and quirkiness of the shot. It is such a meaningful and cherished gift that I was so honoured to receive. Thank you Rich." 

Carly C

"Thanks so much Rich! The kids were in shock...They both said OMG so cool...I showed my daughter her sketch of Taylor Swift. A smile from ear to ear and couldn't wait to put it up in her room...I showed my son the one of Rick Nash! He really couldn't believe his eyes. It has been added to his shrine in his room on the wall.   We all love them, honestly one of the best things I ever bought them. Thank so much again! I'm sure I will be getting more in the future as I love them so much."  

Fern N


"Richard.  Words cannot express the appreciation for the amazing work you did capturing the essence of each performer of our Unsung Heroes - Sing for Tomorrow cast.  Each and every portrait is incredible.  Not only in the impeccible quality of your work but in the way you were you able to bring out each of their unique personalities.  They are cherished by each cast member and by me."

 Neal D





Some examples of my work. A more recent selection can always be found on my Instagram Page.  Many of these are for sale. If there is something you're interested in or if you'd like to commission an original contact me on Instagram. For commission portraits, check out pricing options here.




About custom commissioned artwork

Custom drawn artwork is a wonderful gift and fantastic keepsake. I specialize in drawing portraits using graphite pencil. For custom portraits you can choose the size of the portrait, as well as whether or not you would like your portrait framed before delivery. The turnaround time for a custom portrait is anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on how many portraits I currently have commisioned and the level of detail in the portrait you request. I will always give you an accurate prediction of the time it will take to complete your portrait.

How to order your custom artwork

To order your portrait, here's what  you need to do.

First, select a high resolution photograph as the reference for your portrait.


Second, contact me on Instagram with the request, indicating the size of the portrait and whether you want it framed.

My prices are below.


All prices are in Canadian dollars and include all taxes and shipping in Canada and the U.S. International orders may require additional shipping charges.



One Face


or smaller





or smaller




For specialized art (non-portrait) or sizes, contact me on Instagram for pricing
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